How to work remotely during Coronavirus || Remote Collective || Covid-19

I’m a remote work consultant and I’m ready to help your team. Reach out to me if you need help with: *Product: tech recommendations/best use/hand-holding during installation and adoption, *IT: systems implementation (how a position would transition to remote and how KPIs or tracking would need to change), and *Operational: process, training, recruiting, culture: changes with teams that transition to remote (how to stay connected, motivated and focused while working at home). This is what I’ve been consulting on for the past 5 years and I’d love to help your company in this time of transition because I understand how hard it can be to move your team remote (and that’s without the world-wide panic). I’m offering free consultations. Please let me know if you need tips, advice, or want to bounce your current situation off an expert.

Founder at Remote Collective: We believe everyone should have access to remote work and we intend to make this a reality.