Brittnee Bond
3 min readSep 15, 2021


How To Build A New Society

Hi beautiful community🌸, what have we been working on since lockdown last year?

We had a community of remote workers stranded (voluntarily) in a foreign country while the world as we knew it ended.

My partner, Andy, and I have grown many communities via coworking, coliving and retreats.

But this was a whole new set of needs- we had whole families with young kids and teenagers.

We had to really look at the food we were eating and ask ourselves if this was sustainable and healthy for our bodies and the earth.

And people needed community — their normal support network of friends and family were suddenly very far away and no one knew when it’d be safe to travel again.

So we started gathering us into community dinners, sharing circles, and town hall meetings out of our living room.

We asked our community what was needed and became the launching pad for beautiful projects:

-getting easy access to organic fruits and veggies to our local fruit stands, restaurants and a box delivered to our doors once a week 🥗 🍌 🍎

-events for teenagers on the island as they don’t really have a place to hang out

-cooking classes and permaculture for kids

-creating drug harm reduction programs

-programs to promote women’s safety on the island

-easy access to recycling programs

-Community events to stay connected, grow & heal

We grew so much that 6 months ago we moved out of our house and turned it fully into a community space. There’s now 2–3 events happening there every day.

We’ve built all this for the community, by the community. ☀️☀️☀️

We believe it’s possible to build a brighter future because we’ve seen the community come together to support it. 😊

We’ve turned Remote Collective into a social enterprise, where all the money feeds back into projects we’re creating for the community.

✨We’d love for you to be part of our story. Here’s some ways to grow this with us. 🥰

  1. If you feel this calling to a soul tribe and a new society where we have access to healthy food, spaces to heal ourselves and connect to each other, and environments we feel safe to raise our children in —
  2. Join us here on koh phangan, Thailand. 🏝

If this resonates with you, this is your invitation to join us in building this.

2. Help us cover the running costs of our Remote Collective community space.

Our hosts contribute and our members donate as much as they can to help us keep the lights on and our doors open.

This goal covers October: rent, bills and cleaning:



Brittnee Bond

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