Dojo Hackathon Solutions

1. Nomad Pool

  • Co-working-spaces should improve skill profiling of new members
  • Profile should be extended to include available time slots with constraints (think +/- x days like in flight search)
  • They should collaborate in sharing these skill and time data
  • Needs common data model on how to categorize a member’s skill set
  • A query system could help proposing launch dates or extending reach, softening constraints
  • Members could be engaged proactively with projects similar to their skill set and availability
  • Members who know beforehand that they won’t be available full-time should be able to commit to find a replacement and do a proper handover
  • A “karma point” system or other gamification/reward mechanic could be used to incentivise members to fulfil their commitment
  • Sponsoring the participants to build out the solutions.
  • Taking the solutions we came up with and organize another hackathon to build off what we started.
  • Partnering with a larger organization who can take what we learned and make impact through greater source resources/connections.
  • Sharing what we learned with coworking spaces and having them build out the solutions.

2. Project Makasih

  • Profile Creation for members & social projects
  • Social projects can post what they are looking for
  • Members can get in touch with the social projects

3. Proji

  • Saves time searching for information on projects
  • Way to sign up for projects
  • Task tracking; assists them in getting the job done
  • Uploading deliverables
  • Basic progress reporting
  • Skill pool
  • Saves time matching members to projects
  • Recruitment
  • Automated communication

4. Magic Wall

  • Coworking space interviews community projects and helps them prepare their pitch
  • Community project is motivated to break their biggest need down to one sentence
  • Coworking space members think about the problem and help drive solutions
  • Coworking space doesn’t have to answer questions about how/where to volunteer
  • Organizations have visibility and potential help
  • Volunteers can self-select to see if they want to help

5. Karma Market

  • Test the concept with the Ask/Bid Board in Dojo Bali
  • Use our own model with Dojo talent to build the online platform
  • Utilise the Coworking Alliance of Asia-Pacific to invite its members to join the platform

6. The Sustainables:

  • Partnership first, projects second
  • Long-term relationships are key
  • Co-creation, shared vision
  • Learning is iterative and two-way
  • Members move; impact ripples through the ecosystem
  • Building collective intelligence





Founder at Remote Collective: We believe everyone should have access to remote work and we intend to make this a reality.

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Brittnee Bond

Brittnee Bond

Founder at Remote Collective: We believe everyone should have access to remote work and we intend to make this a reality.

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