How To Build A New Society

Hi beautiful community🌸, what have we been working on since lockdown last year?

We had a community of remote workers stranded (voluntarily) in a foreign country while the world as we knew it ended.

My partner, Andy, and I have grown many communities via…

Here’s the latest in our crazy adventure to build a community while the world goes crazy. Remote Collective is a group of friends who believe in building intentional community around our love of connection, traveling, working remotely and high vibes. ✨✨✨ We will be doing weekly networking events, yoga, business meetups, pool parties, adventures into nature and so much more while we are in town for a couple months. Yeah! 😻😻😻

We all had big plans for touring the world this year and they got canceled. 😱 So we asked ourselves: what can we make if we focus our energy into this island that we love so much? 🤔🤗🤩 We officially launched Ana Alma, a magical experience for co-creating with our talented community here on Koh Phangan. 🤍🧡🎉🌈🥰🌊🧜🏼‍♀️🧡🤍 The vision is to turn this into our version of Sisyphos in Berlin and it’s happening so much quicker than we could ever imagine. 🙀😻✨MAGIC ✨✨✨✨

How can we use this time to focus on the work we need to get done? What opportunities are available to us that we can’t see right now? How are people working remotely successfully during this worldwide lockdown? And where in the world is Brittnee Bond? All these and more answered in today’s episode.

Want to tour the most glamorous coliving space in Europe? Check out our walkthrough of Mokrin House, a converted mansion that includes organic food to table person chef meals, private gym, pool, hottub, luxury coliving, loft bedrooms with vintage tubs, and the most amazing community for people to work remotely and live with! We were continuously blown away by the attention to detail and the love that went into building this space! You MUST stay here if you get the chance to travel to Serbia!!

Brittnee Bond

Founder at Remote Collective: We believe everyone should have access to remote work and we intend to make this a reality.

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